Naval Architecture & Engineering

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Modern vessels’ electrical systems, as well as their requirements, have become increasingly complex and demanding. Technical developments in high-power electronics now allow for new concepts in propulsion that lower operational costs – including maintenance requirements, fuel consumption and emissions – significantly, while at the same time providing better maneuverability and operational flexibility. 

Jensen’s electrical engineering team brings decades of experience to the table when developing new designs using the latest technology, including the latest in high-efficiency, low-emissions propulsion systems. That same experience allows us to work on existing systems for modifications and upgrades, no matter the level of technology.

Other advances in areas like super-efficient lighting structures; integrated alarms; and monitoring and control, internal communications, navigation and safety systems are all incorporated into our designs. 

From the simplest floodlight circuit to the most complex hybrid propulsion system, Jensen can engineer it. Full services include:

  • Preliminary and conceptual design

  • Detailed design

  • Fault current analysis

  • Protective device coordination studies

  • Voltage drop calculations

  • Integrated system design

  • Power system analysis

  • System failure analysis

  • Diesel electric and hybrid propulsion system design

  • Owner representation and support