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Jensen and ship-builder Vigor will unveil designs for a new 352-foot fishing vessel Nov. 19 at the Pacific Maritime Expo. The design, which is scalable and can be adapted to meet the needs of any of the fleets in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, is the product of collaboration between Jensen, Vigor and three major fishing customers. 

“Partnership between Vigor, Jensen and our local fishing fleet customers ensures that we are successful in designing a vessel that improves efficiency, performance and crew comfort. This proven local partnership represents the best possible team to support the rebuilding of fleets in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska,” said Johan Sperling, vice president for Jensen Maritime.

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“Jensen Maritime and Vigor will unveil the design for a new 352-foot catcher processor/factory trawler at the Pacific Marine Expo on November 19. The design is the product of collaboration between Jensen, the design architect, Vigor, the shipbuilder, and three major fishing customers. It is scalable and can be adapted to meet the needs of any of the fleets in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Bryan Nichols, director of sales for Vigor, said, “A successful partnership between the design architects, the shipbuilder and the customer ensures that we achieve the right balance between cost and function. Vigor is proud to be working with local partner Jensen on this new fishing vessel design that will support the recapitalization of the fishing fleet here in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.”

Designed to maximize fishing capability as well as operational efficiency, the vessel has over 1,200 square meters (13,000 square feet) of processing space and can be set up for a variety of processing needs, from surimi to fillets to fish meal. Hold volume is split between a frozen product hold and a pair of fish meal holds, for a total hold capacity of over 3,090 cubic meters (109,000 cubic feet). The vessel also holds 195 cubic meters (51,500 gallons) of fish oil in dedicated tanks.

Propulsion is configured around two ABB Azipod thrusters with 360 degree azimuthing and reversible prop rotation, providing the ultimate in maneuverability to stay on the fish. Other propulsion options, such as conventional twin screw diesel-electric, are available. Both methods allow the operator to minimize the number of generators necessary to provide power, depending on the operational scenario.

The trawl arena is enclosed below a weather deck, providing fully lighted protection for the crew, eliminating iced surfaces, and minimizing product contamination.”

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