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We partner closely with a diverse group of shipyards around the world, offering a comprehensive menu of engineering and naval architectural services, including 2-D detailed design packages and 3-D modeling, that can be used for both production lofting and visualization. This method of 3-D modeling is also a great tool for identifying interferences and areas in the design that might require special attention during the construction process.

Throughout the course of each project, we collaborate with customers to create an end product that meets or exceeds production specifications. Our goal is to optimize building productivity and quality through the lofting process, taking a vessel design and creating a building kit for the shipyard, including directions for the cutting machines and assembly drawings.

Lofting and Production Engineering Services include:

  • Structural modeling

  • Production documentation drawings

  • Shape and plate nesting

  • Computer lofting

  • Piping design and penetrations (pipe spools)

  • Numerical control (NC) tape production

  • Accurate assembly, module, and vessel weight with C.G.

  • Modular construction planning

  • Production of 2-D & 3-D drawings

  • New design

  • Sponsons

  • Lengthening

  • Pilot houses/Deck houses

3-D Applications include:

  • ShipConstructor®

  • 3-D AutoCAD®

  • Rhinoceros®

  • MultiSurf®