Convert PSVs to Fishing Vessels

The decline of the offshore oil and gas industry presents a unique opportunity for the commercial fishing industry. Fewer offshore projects have left hundreds of Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs) out of work, with many now available for sale at below-value prices. PSVs are well-suited for conversion into commercial fishing vessels.

Jensen specializes in identifying vessels that are ideal for conversion and can easily turn laid-up PSVs into revenue-driving commercial fishing boats – often a faster and more cost-effective option than buying new. 

Conversion Services

Vessel Identification

Partner with us from the start to acquire the most ideally suited vessel your commercial fishing needs. To help customers identify the best PSV for conversion, we seek to understand all requirements, such as those listed below.

  • Type of fishing vessel, size and gross tonnage

  • Cargo type and storage capacity

  • Processing space

  • Liquid capacities

  • Fishing equipment used

  • Main propulsion horsepower/bollard pull

  • Generator power

  • Accommodations and crew space

Concept Development

We provide all conversion concept verification, which includes the following deliverables:

  • Design reports

  • Specifications (mission summary and major equipment list)

  • General arrangement (deck plans and outboard profile)

  • Engineers estimate

  • Renderings

Vessel Lay-Up Support

During conversion, Jensen's parent company Crowley Maritime manages the vessel's lay-up requirements, providing:

  • Secure moorage

  • Vessel start-up

  • Transportation

  • Maintenance

  • Security


Key to ensuring the modified vessels meets the mission requirements, Jensen recommends including a preliminary design phase that includes the following work:

  • Preliminary specifications

  • General arrangement updates

  • Super-structure lines plans

  • Preliminary weight estimate and stability report

  • Structure overview

  • Structural removals and modifications

  • Structural new fabrication

  • Electrical one-line modification diagram

  • Primary systems modifications drawings

  • Request for proposal for shipyard

Contract Design and Construction

The contract design phase fully defines the configuration and performance of the vessel. All design aspects are developed to the point where a shipyards can bid for a fixed-price construction contract. Typical deliverables for the contract design phase include:

  • Contract specifications

  • Contract and regulatory drawing package

  • Removal and modification plan

  • Weight and stability reports

  • Regulatory package

  • Owner-furnished equipment list and vendor information

  • Construction methodology

  • Construction contract and bid documents

  • Shipyard bid evaluations and selection report

Vessel Modifications

Jensen provides support throughout the vessel modification phase, as follows:

  • Removal of unnecessary:

    • Steel

    • Equipment

    • Piping systems

    • Electrical

    • Outfitting

  • Installation of:

    • Large equipment and materials

    • New steel structure

  • Transit of vessel to new yard, as needed

  • New installation and repair of systems, as well as all related outfitting, including:

    • Reassembling existing pipe and electrical systems

    • Installation of new pipe and electrical systems, as well as new equipment

    • Repair and replace accommodation outfitting

  • Outfitting of processing and fishing areas

  • Final test, trials and stability work

In the Sept. 2018 issue of Fishermen’s News, the magazine detailed the opportunity that exists for commercial fishermen to convert laid-up, below-value PSVs into commercial fishing vessels. Read the article here (.PDF).