About Us

Our Mission

Jensen Maritime Consultants partners with its clients to deliver innovative, comprehensive and high-value engineering solutions to the marine community.

We Believe

We believe Jensen is in a position to help revolutionize the shipbuilding industry by changing the way people approach the design and construction of vessels.  We have an opportunity to help the shipbuilding industry achieve the same level of excellence and efficiency that other manufacturing industries have attained around the world. We can help American shipbuilders build high-quality Jones Act equipment economically so that they can compete effectively with non-Jones Act builders.

As a full-service naval architect company, we can do this by closing the design spiral loop, becoming the best we can in each facet, and by developing a product of the highest quality that can be built on an highly efficient assembly line. This will reduce the main competitive disadvantages that U.S. shipbuilding has, which are higher labor costs and inefficiencies.

Our work product must be – and is – superior. And we would be privileged to discuss with you all that Jensen has to offer.