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Jensen Skiff

Designing a vessel with a stable hull form is only the beginning what we do. Our engineers also work to fully understand all aspects of water flow around the ship's hull, bow, stern; over structures such as the propeller blades or rudder or through thruster tunnels, analyzing how this flow impacts speed and fuel efficiency. This thorough approach gives us the ability to maximize in-water performance. When developing the perfect hull form, many factors have to be considered:

  • Resistance considerations. Resistance toward motion in water caused primarily by flow of water around the hull. A powering calculation is done based on this.
  • Propulsion considerations. To move the vessel through water using propellers, thrusters, water jets, etc.
  • Sea keeping or sea motions. Involves the motion of the vessel in a seaway and the way it responds to waves.
  • Controllability (maneuvering). Involves controlling and maintaining a vessel’s position and direction.