Production Engineering

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Production Engineering

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Production Engineering
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Production engineering takes functional design to the next level by incorporating design information into a full-size 3D model. Our team combines all the details of the structural, electrical, mechanical and HVAC systems of the vessel into one comprehensive model of your project. The result is a virtual vessel that can be inspected early in the design process for safety, maintainability and constructability.

Product Offerings:

  • Structural Lofting
  • Plate Nesting
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Pipe Routing
  • Arrangement and Details
  • Isometric Pipe Spooling
  • HVAC Routing
  • Wireway Routing
  • System Integration
  • Maintenance Review
  • Operational Review
  • On-Site Engineering
  • 3D Design Review
  • Equipment Modeling
  • Interference Detection
  • Material Reports
  • Weight Estimates
  • Center of Gravity Estimate
  • Lifting and Turning Analysis

Let Jensen design your next vessel in 3D and see it before it's ever built.