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LNG Ferry
LNG Bunker Vessel
100' x 40' LNG Tug
LNG Barge
LNG Riverboat

Leading the Way in LNG Vessel Designs

Jensen is well positioned to serve the emerging LNG market and is thrilled to announce that we have designs for LNG vessels.

Conversion to LNG requires careful consideration and creative solutions in several important areas. For example, designing small LNG vessels is especially challenging because storage becomes an immediate concern. By nature, LNG is approximately 60% greater in volume than the comparable amount of diesel fuel. This means that an LNG vessel will need 16,000 gallons on board as compared to 10,000 gallons of diesel to ensure the same endurance. In addition, because of the special storage requirements for LNG, one cannot place fuel in the wing tanks and double-bottom tanks; rather, LNG must be stored in independent tanks, requiring even more space.

Jensen can provide helpful consultation services to vessel owners considering these types of vessels to ensure that they are designed efficiently, safely and with your satisfaction in mind.

Experience Counts when Considering LNG Vessels